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Architectural Jade

Architectural Jade creations by Ian Boustridge are sculpted on a large scale and made from oversized boulders located from the North Fiordland region of New Zealand. Sculptures include whole boulders partially worked and polished, as well as visually spectacular sections cut to reveal jade's superb colours and intricate patterns within each stone.

The large size of architectural works means they are eminently suitable for display in spacious sites such as entance halls, reception areas and meeting rooms. With proper installation procedures, they can be safely mounted on walls or special plinths as a highly distinctive focal point for viewers. The tactile quality of jade should not be overlooked, either  - its eerily smooth surface makes for excellent touchstones.

Ian Boustridge can be commissioned to produce architectural jade works for specific locations and environments, such as hotels, banks, museums, galleries, malls and gardens. Contact him directly to discuss your individual needs, or to request more information.

Several architectural pieces are shown on these pages as examples of Ian's recent work. 

Ian has many large boulders in the 100 – 5000kg range and many concepts with large spaces in mind as permanent set pieces.


  - Hotels
  - Banks
  - Museums
  - Parks
  - Private Gardens
  - Malls

If you are interested in commissioning one of Ian’s Architectural Jade Sculptures, please contact Ian directly to discuss options, details and obtain quotes. Ian welcomes your enquiry.