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Over the last three decades Ian has exhibited his works around the globe. From his base in Greymouth on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island his works have travelled far, drawing much attention to his sculptures born from ‘The Energy of the Land’.

He has shown works on very regular basis in New Zealand and in international locations such as the New Zealand Pavilion, World Exposition Nagoya Japan, Honolulu Hawaii, Munich Germany, Basel Switzerland, Washington DC USA and Sydney Australia.

In 1987 National Geographic featured Jade. Ian Boustridge was named among a group of the world's best contemporary Jade Sculptors, also named by Jade Authority Fred Ward as a master of the medium. Ian is among a new breed of Jade Sculptors, as they stand alone in the world for their individual style and skills. New Zealand's Jade Sculptors are creating a new page in the glorious history of Nephrite Jade.

In 2007 Ian held an impressive exhibition named ‘Chaos and Creation’ at Christchurch’s COCA Gallery This became a media frenzy and was based around large installation pieces, masks, bowls and more diverse usage of Pounamu. This exhibition provided jade enthusiasts the opportunity to personally engage with large scale sculptures and some of Ian's famous mask designs.
Ian Boustridge - Jade Sculptor